Mowden Hall School

Leading Co-Educational Independent Prep School For Children aged 3-13 Years

Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff


Prep School Teaching Staff

  • Mrs. K.E. Martin

    Head, SLT, SMT

  • Mr. J.R. Hadfield (B)

    Deputy Head, SLT, SMT

  • Mr. P. Sturt (S)

    Assistant Head (Pastoral), DSL, Science Teacher,SLT, SMT

  • Mr. S. Shaw-Kew (S)

    Assistant Head Co-Curricular, SLT, SMT

  • Mr. I. Hartley (C)

    Head of IT, SMT

  • Mr. P. Hill (S)

    Head of Geography, Year 8 Form Tutor

  • Mrs. J. Scott (G)

    Head of Science, Year 7 Form Tutor

  • Mr. J. Lamb (G)

    Head of Languages, Head of Years 7 & 8 and Year 8 Form Tutor

  • Mrs. N.M. Johnson (B)

    Year 3 Form Tutor

  • Mrs. G. Ball (C)

    Teacher of Latin, French, and Classics Year 5 Form Tutor

  • Mrs. S. Whittle (G)

    Head of Years 3 & 4, Year 4 Form Tutor (maternity leave)

  • Mr. G. Townley (B)

    Head of History, Head of Years 5 and 6, Year 6 Form Tutor

  • Mrs. S. Lamb (S)

    Teacher and Year 6 Form Tutor

  • Mrs. A. Henry (B)

    Head of Maths (B)

  • Mrs. S. Price

    LAMDA Teacher

  • Mrs. J. Phillipson (G)

    Head of English and Drama, Year 5 Form Tutor

  • Mrs. J. Atkinson

    Games Teacher

  • Miss L. Curran (G)

    One to One Assistant

  • Mr. M. Fowlds (C)

    Director of Music, SMT

  • Miss S. Thompson (B)

    Head of Art and PHSE

  • Mrs. B. Hadfield (B)

    Librarian, English Teacher and Head of RPE Teacher

  • Mr. P. Brooks (C)

    English and Drama Teacher (maternity cover)

  • Mr. S. Gardiner

    Year 4 Class Teacher (maternity cover)

Specialist Teaching Staff

  • Miss S. Milburn (C)

    Head of Learning Support, SMT

  • Mrs. J. Belton (S)

    Swimming Teacher

  • Mr. W. Smith (G)

    Director of Choir Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs. A. Barnes

    Music Teacher

  • Miss S. Dunne

    Northumbrian Pipes

  • Miss A. Francomb


  • Ms M. Whitehead-Watt


  • Mr. Jedrzejewski


  • Mr. A. W. Lord


  • Mr. C. Miller


Pre-Prep Staff

  • Miss S. Thompson (B)

    Head of Art and PSHE

  • Mrs. K. Knight

    Head of Pre-Prep, Year 2 Class Teacher, SLT, SMT, DDSL

  • Mrs. A. Mackie

    Head of EYFS, Nursery Class Teacher

  • Miss L. Pemberton

    Year 1 Teacher

  • Mrs. J. Belton

    Head of Swimming

  • Mrs. H. Alder

    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss L. Anson

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs. K. Jeffrey

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mr. I. Hartley (B)

    Head of IT

  • Mr. S. Shaw-Kew

    Assistant Head (Co-Curricular), SLT, SMT

  • Mrs. J. Atkinson

    Games Teacher

  • Mrs. T. Fairclough

    Reception Class Teacher

  • Mrs V. Bulman

    Year 1 Teacher

  • Miss S. Willis

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs. S. Whittle

    Head of Year 3 & 4, Year 4 and Pre-Prep Teacher

  • Mrs. A. Barnes

    Music Teacher

  • Mr P. Sturt

    Assistant Head (Pastoral), DDSL, Science Teacher SLT, SMT

  • Mrs. E. Leighton

    Teaching Assistant

Administrative & Support Staff

  • Mrs. S. Weir (C)

    Sport & Teaching Assistant

  • Miss A.L. Miller

    School Secretary

  • Mrs. S. Marshall

    P.A to the Head, SLT, SMT

  • Mrs. L. Danby

    School Nurse & Mental Health Lead, RGN, DDSL

  • Mrs. L. Thomson


  • Miss S. Hunter

    Assistant House Parent

  • Miss G. Canter

    Boarding and Classroom Assistant

  • Mr. W. Maitland

    Gap Student

  • Mr. M. Wainwright

    Boarding School Assistant

  • Miss S. Harnwell

    Gap Student

  • Mr. I. Hartley

    IT Support

  • Mrs. D. Freeman-Griffith

    Head of Marketing & Admissions, SMT

  • Miss L. Serbrock

    Head of Boarding, SMT, DDSL

  • Mrs. C. Rooney

    Operations Manager, SLT, SMT, DDSL

  • Mr. M. Pearson

    Catering Manager

  • Mrs. J. Hawkesford

    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss G. Griggs

    Gap Student

  • Mr. L. Shannon

    Gap Student

  • Mrs. K. Ioannides


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