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Why Choose Early Years at Mowden Hall School?

Why Choose Early Years at Mowden Hall School?

Mowden Hall is a very special place where the children's happiness and development are at the heart of everything we do. 

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Read on to discover what Makes Modwen Hall such a wonderful fit for your child and to book your Personal Tour of our Nursery or Reception.

Beautifully built and located in the Northumbrian countryside, there is an abundance of opportunities for all our children to blossom and thrive in stimulating surroundings.  

Our kind and supportive staff take great care in ensuring each and every one of our children feels happy and special. 

Warmth, kindness and love are in abundance here, but there are additional benefits that come from being rooted in a school community:

Experienced, highly qualified staff and excellent ratios mean there is plenty of individual care and attention for each child and the flexibility for parents to add extra sessions when needed.

We offer modern facilities in beautiful surroundings, including a spacious Early Years playground, library, music room and our very own Woodland Classroom. We are conveniently situated for pickups and drop-offs just off the A69 and our wrap around care extends from 7.30am-6pm.

With boys and girls able to join the Nursery from the term they turn 3 years old, our Nursery is the perfect introduction to Mowden life. 

There are additional benefits that come from being rooted in a school community:

• Experienced, highly qualified staff and excellent ratios means there is plenty of individual care and attention for each child and the flexibility for parents to add extra sessions when needed.
• A head start thanks to purposeful, exciting and creative lessons. Carefully planned activities and thought-provoking questions develop all-important thinking skills.
• As a fully integrated part of Mowden Hall School, children benefit from a seamless transition from Nursery to Reception and beyond. We have a joined-up curriculum spanning ages 3 to 13 years and access to excellent facilities and specialist teaching.  Each child smoothly progresses to the next stage of their education, familiar with buildings, staff and routines and already feeling that they belong to the whole school community.

What Make Mowden Hall Early Years Stand Out?


We know how important it is to encourage independence in our youngest children.  They gain a sense of accomplishment when they are able to complete tasks themselves and this boosts their self-esteem. We encourage children to take care of their space and their personal items. The children begin to learn the daily routine, and this helps them become independent. This may simply begin with putting their own coat on to go outside or selecting an apron for messy play. As their confidence grows, so does their ability to be independent in a range of areas.


All Nursery children have specialist teachers for sport, drama, French and Woodland school.  They also have specialist teachers for their weekly swimming lessons, too.


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and lessons draw together a wide range of practical skills such as problem-solving, creativity and resourcefulness.

Nursery has weekly STEM lessons which involve exciting activities designed to develop creative and critical thinkers. STEM challenges young minds to plan, make decisions about how to approach a task, solve a problem and reach a goal.

Most of all, they are great fun!

In Reception, the children continue to develop these critical-thinking and problem-solving skills during practical STEM lessons. For example, when they explore the story of ‘The  Three Little Pigs’, the children become designers, engineers and inventors. They use a  wide range of different materials to build a house to see which would withstand the huff and puff of a big bad wolf.

“We have watched our little boy grow in confidence and make new friends, learn to swim and count in French!  The variety of topics that have been covered have been really interesting, and our son has taken to learning about the world we live in, numbers and letters to name a few, like a fish to water.  We feel strongly that this is because the lovely teachers and teaching assistants make sure that all learning is done as and when the child is ready and in a positive and supportive manner.” - Current Parent

While we hope our website opens a window into the world of Mowden Hall School,  a personal visit will allow you to experience for yourself the enthusiasm of the children, the talent and commitment of our staff, and the energetic atmosphere of the School. Families who come to visit can get a feel for the school, meet our children and learn more about life at Mowden Hall School. You are welcome to visit the school at any time for an informal tour and a meeting with the Head and her Team.

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Mowden Hall School is a co-educational, non-selective School and is committed to equal treatment for all. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive learning environment so that high quality learning and teaching leads to positive experiences and outcomes for our pupils.

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