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Years 7 & 8

Years 7 & 8

 We believe that these final two years of primary education are crucial for our students' academic, social, and personal development, providing them with a solid foundation for their future endeavours. Let us delve deeper into the unique advantages of Years 7 and 8 at Mowden Hall. Years 7 and 8 are the years when a child develops in mind, spirit and confidence and the benefits of remaining in the Prep school system through to the end of Year 8 are many and varied.

Seamless Transition to Senior Schools

One of the strongest reasons for remaining at Mowden Hall until Year 8 is the seamless transition our children experience when they move on to their new senior schools. We take pride in the fact that our students leave us equipped with an exceptional work ethic, meticulously developed over the years but finely honed in the final two. This work ethic has become a defining quality for our Mowdenians, ensuring they are fully prepared to excel academically and meet the challenges that lie ahead in senior school.

Academic Acceleration

Thanks to our rigour and curriculum, we can measurably quantify the huge academic benefits of Year 7 and 8 here at Mowden. Points of transition can lead to academic stagnation, especially if transferring into Year 7 at another school, where social pressures and a lack of a quantifiable goal, can lead to intellectual drift. The continuity of educational provision and the catalyst of ISEB Common Entrance examinations both allow us to rapidly develop all of our pupils' academic knowledge and skills in our top two years. The feedback from senior schools, and our own parents, is that Mowden pupils know how to revise and self-study, all in readiness for GCSEs and beyond, thanks to our staged and focused approach in Years 7 and 8.

Cultivating Strong Social Skills

In an era where children are constantly bombarded by societal pressures and the influence of social media, the significance of developing strong social skills cannot be overstated. Years 7 and 8 at Mowden Hall provide a unique opportunity for students to navigate adolescence in a smaller, secure environment. Here, they become role models rather than being surrounded by older teenagers. This nurturing environment allows them to focus on personal growth, building meaningful relationships, and developing vital social skills that will serve them well in their future academic and professional lives.

Maintaining Empathy and Leadership

One aspect that never ceases to amaze us is the continued care and interaction our Year 8 pupils have with students across all year groups, from Nursery to their peers. During break times and throughout the school day, they demonstrate remarkable empathy and support for their fellow students. By remaining at Mowden Hall until Year 8, students have the opportunity to develop and refine their leadership skills. They can lead initiatives, propose school-changing ideas, and embrace the freedom of being unashamedly twelve. This unique period of growth and responsibility fosters a sense of belonging and allows our students to mature emotionally, preparing them for the challenges of a larger senior school environment.

Experience the Magic of Château de Sauveterre in Year 7

At Mowden Hall Prep School, we believe in providing our students with unique and transformative experiences that go beyond the classroom. Since 1996, Mowden has had the incredible opportunity to utilise the Château de Sauveterre, located near Toulouse, as a special retreat for our Year 7 students during the Summer Term. This experience offers unparalleled benefits and contributes to the holistic development of our students.

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Immersive Cultural Experience

The Château de Sauveterre program aims to immerse our Year 7 students in a new and enriching culture. Emphasising both teaching and learning, students make remarkable progress in the French language while engaging in intellectual and personal challenges every day. This unique experience not only broadens their linguistic skills but also cultivates self-reliance, confidence, and adaptability—qualities that are essential for success in an increasingly globalised world.

"The provision for senior pupils at Mowden is excellent. It is not just centred on the core academic subjects; pupils have the opportunity to shine in a wide range of subjects covering the arts, humanities, modern and classical languages as well as the stalwarts of Maths, English and Science. " Parent Quote

Breathtaking Learning Environment

Situated in the awe-inspiring region of France, the Château de Sauveterre provides a captivating backdrop for learning. Students have the opportunity to explore the rich art, history, and geography of the area through meticulously planned outings. The school itself is nestled amidst lush forested grounds, offering panoramic views of the majestic Pyrenean mountains. The Château preserves its original charm, with authentic furnishings and paintings, while providing modern audio-visual and IT facilities in the classrooms. This exceptional learning environment stimulates curiosity and fosters a deep appreciation for the subjects being taught.

Diverse and Engaging Curriculum

At Sauveterre, the curriculum is thoughtfully designed to take advantage of its location and provide a well-rounded educational experience. All subjects, except for mathematics, are taught in French, allowing students to further strengthen their language skills. The curriculum encompasses a wide range of subjects, including French, History, English, Geography, Mathematics, as well as SVT (Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre), Cookery, Textiles, Music, Drama, and Art. Regular assessments and a comprehensive report at the end ensure that student's progress is carefully monitored and evaluated.

Enriching Co-curricular Activities

Complementing the academic programme, a variety of co-curricular activities are offered to enhance a student's overall experience. Recent trips and activities have included a visit to the breathtaking Pic du Midi in the Pyrenees, an entertaining talent show, invigorating canoeing sessions, lively Zumba classes, a challenging French geography quiz, an exhilarating climbing and adventure park experience, and even a delightful trip to the Mediterranean for beach games and a refreshing swim in the sea! Parents can stay connected with their child's journey in France through a private social media group and weekly newsletters, ensuring they are a part of this unforgettable experience.

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