Mowden Hall School

Leading Co-Educational Independent Prep School For Children aged 3-13 Years



September 2022/23

“We have watched our little boy grow in confidence and make new friends, learn to swim and count in French!  The variety of topics that have been covered have been really interesting, and our son has taken to learning about the world we live in, numbers and letters to name a few, like a fish to water.  We feel strongly that this is because the lovely teachers and teaching assistants make sure that all learning is done as and when the child is ready and in a positive and supportive manner.” - Current Parent

You may download the fees information for the academic year 2022/23, together with the Terms and Conditions. Please note this sheet also includes information for parents wishing to pay with Childcare Vouchers.

Mowden Hall School is a co-educational, non-selective School and is committed to equal treatment for all. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive learning environment so that high quality learning and teaching leads to positive experiences and outcomes for our pupils.

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Pre-Prep Termly Fees

Registration Fee (non-returnable) £100
Confirmation of Entry Deposit (to be refunded against extras on the final account) £1000

School Fees per term (inclusive of Personal Accident Insurance):

Nursery (5 full days) £3,390
Nursery (morning session, including lunch) £380
Nursery (afternoon session) £298
Nursery (one day) £65
Nursery, ad hoc morning session £38
Nursery, ad hoc afternoon session £27
After School Care, £8 per hour (charged in half hour intervals) £8
Reception  £3,490
Year 1 £3,930
Year 2 £3,930
Additional Nursery hours are payable in arrears and will be added to your termly bill.

School fees are payable termly in advance and are inclusive of Pupil Accident Insurance, lunches laundry, most educational trips, sports fixtures, clubs and curricular stationery.

Information for Parents wishing to pay by Childcare Vouchers

The Trust is happy to accept Childcare Vouchers in full or partial settlement of qualifying fees. Please refer to your employer in the first instance to see whether your company participates in a childcare voucher scheme as part of a salary sacrifice scheme for employees. Please note that the regulations relating to the Childcare Voucher Scheme are changing all the time so you should seek guidance from your employer or voucher provider regarding the latest figures or refer to

Vouchers may only be used by parents or those with ‘parental responsibility’ for the child concerned. Our acceptance of vouchers is strictly on the condition that, should HMRC dispute any element of our acceptance, any liability for a reclaim of tax or national insurance contributions remains solely with the parent and/or their employer; the Trust cannot accept any liability in this respect.

Please see below a list of charges that fall within the HMRC definition of ‘qualifying childcare’:-

● Fees for Pre-School;

● School Fees for Reception children under 5 at the start of any term, as this is deemed as non-compulsory education;

● Any chargeable After School Care or Breakfast Club;

● Flexible boarding fees and the boarding element of the full boarding fee – please contact the Fees Manager ( for details;

● Holiday Clubs held on School premises and operated by the Prep Schools Trust.

Please note that fees for extra activities (e.g. ballet, golf) are not qualifying childcare. If you are using the Government Tax Free Childcare payments it is important to send details of your payment reference and the eligible charge to so that the payment can be correctly identified.

Fees must be settled within our normal terms and conditions which require payment in advance. In practice this requires parents to either save up vouchers and then to make payment in a lump sum at the start of a term or to make monthly advance payments during the term when the fees have already been settled in full. All payments from voucher providers must be made via bank transfer; we do not accept paper vouchers.

Each Trust School has to be registered individually with Voucher Providers so please email to request the relevant registration details.

Prep School Termly Fees

Registration Fee (non-returnable) £100
Confirmation of Acceptance of Study Fee (Non UK) £250
Entry Deposit - UK pupil (to be refunded on the final term's account) £1000
Entry Deposit - Non-UK pupil - one term's fees, at point of entry

School Fees per term (inclusive of Personal Accident Insurance):

Year 3 £4,330
Year 4 £5,670
Year 5 £5,670
Year 6 £6,410
Year 7  £6,410
Year 8 £6,410

School fees are payable termly in advance and are inclusive of Pupil Accident Insurance, lunches laundry, most educational trips, sports fixtures, clubs and curricular stationery

Boarding Fees

Full and Weekly Boarding £8,780
Charge for one night on an ad hoc basis £52
Two nights per week £90
Three nights per week £135
Four nights per week £160

Flexi boarding fees are payable in advance, with the exception of the charge for ad hoc boarding which is payable in arrears. The advance flexi boarding fees will vary termly depending on the number of weeks in a term.

Fee Notes

  1. All fees are payable in advance or payable on or before the first day of the term for which they are due.
  2. A full term’s notice is required before the removal of a child: in default of this a term’s fee will be charged.
  3. Every effort will be made to give a term’s notice of fee increases, but the Trustees reserve the right to increase fees without such notice.
  4. In case of absence for all or part of the term, the full fee is payable.

Optional Extras

Breakfast Club (including breakfast) £5.00
After school care (charged at 30 minute intervals) £8.00
Individual music lessons (per 35 minute lesson) £25
Instrument hire (per instrument per term) £60.00
LAMDA Tuition (per 35 minute lesson) £25
Learning Support, per session £25