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Types of Boarding

Types of Boarding

Types of Boarding

Whether you live twenty miles away or just around the corner, there is something for everyone. We would be delighted to discuss which type of boarding would be ideal for you. Please contact our Head of Boarding, Miss Leonie Serbrock to arrange a personal tour of the boarding house by emailing


This option is popular with parents who may have varying work commitments.


Many of our boarders commit to a regular boarding night, or nights, each week. Children prefer the regularity of this option as it ensures they are boarding with their friends on the same night or nights each week.


Our weekly boarders enjoy the best of both worlds – the array of social activities on offer with their friends Monday to Friday and quality time with their families at the weekend. For those who board on a full time basis, the weekends are a great mix of downtime and fun, engaging activities. Sunday's usually involve time away from the school grounds making fond memories with friends in the local and surrounding areas.

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