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Boarding - Hear from our children

Boarding - Hear from our children

"A part of boarding that I really love is that it is always like a massive sleepover with all your friends there!"

Find out more about boarding at Mowden Hall School.

During this short film discover what makes boarding at Mowden Hall School so special.

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Meet some of our boarders

Meet Lorca - Full Time Boarder

Hello, my name is Lorca and I started boarding in September 2021. I think the best thing about boarding is that it is like a big sleepover every day and also on the weekends. On the weekends we do loads of fun activities like Inflataspace, Laser Tag, mini-golf, pool parties, Mexican madness… 

Wednesdays are the best because we get tuck and free time. During free time I usually hang out with my friends chatting and playing games. 

My dorm is very big, and I decorated my area with party lights, postcards and photographs of family. My dorm also won the Christmas decorations competition because everybody made something, we had paper snowflakes, bunting, and a good and naughty list. I have really enjoyed Gappy games, It's so much fun and every day is a different game, we play dodgeball, basketball, hide-and-seek, charades and lots more.

Meet Maya - Full Time Boarder

Hi, I'm Maya, I started boarding in September 2021. This was a big step for me as my parents are in Spain and I had never boarded before. However, the boarding staff such as Miss Serbrock and Miss Hunter have made it so much more enjoyable with fun plans on the weekends and boarding house activities in the evenings. Whenever I was feeling a bit homesick, they helped me through it and I felt so much better after that. 

In the evenings, I really enjoy having a chat with all of my friends in dorms after Senior Supper and chilling out with them. My dorm is very cosy, and we have all added something to make it even prettier and a home from home. For example, I have brought in a pretty calendar where we can write all our important dates and matches. Another one of my roommates has brought in some cool bunting for our beds. 

On the weekends, Miss Serbrock and Miss Hunter always plan out really fun activities for all the boarders to participate in. The weekends are specifically planned for a year group every week, however, you can still participate and board even if you aren’t in that year group. 

A part of boarding that I really love is that it is always like a massive sleepover with all your friends there! My favourite boarding memory is when I had to miss the Christmas Ball because of my flight to Spain, but the girls in my year managed to somehow arrange and plan an entire mini-ball in the span of 24 hours just for me, so I could still wear my ball dress that I had been so excited to wear and feel like I didn’t miss out as much as I originally thought.

Meet Ella - Flexi Boarder

I started boarding at Mowden in 2020 and everyone welcomed me so warmly. 

I really like being able to wake up in the morning and all my friends are there. I also love being able to look after the younger years and sometimes even older years. There are many activities to do at nighttime such as "boarding house" where we do crafts, play games, and it is very, very fun. 

The boarding house really feels like home. It is warm and has a beautiful feeling of calm. The dorms are very cosy and they are where you make the most memories with your friends. 

It is completely normal to feel homesick but you are part of a group of amazing boarding staff to help you and comfort you.

Meet Hugo - Weekly Boarder

I started boarding at Mowden Hall School September 2018 and am now a boarding prefect for my year. A boarding prefect is someone who is selected by the Head and they help make decisions to make the boarding house even nicer and even better! I really like being able to spend more time with my friends and the fun activities that are put on every night. When it is sunny in the evenings I really like being outside playing sports but if it is raining outside and very cold I would prefer to either go in the gym and play a sport in there or chill out in the Year 7 common room . My dorm is really nice and full of my friends.