Mowden Hall School

Leading Co-Educational Independent Prep School For Children aged 3-13 Years



“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.”

Plato, (427 BC - 347 BC)

Mowden Preparatory School: the heart of all we do academically is summed up by this critical middle word. The academic curriculum is designed to prepare our pupils for life beyond Mowden’s walls.

In one sense we prepare our children, quite excellently, for entry into their senior school of choice. The curriculum at Mowden readies children for the next phases of their academic lives and for the demands of a more specialised senior education. We send pupils to a wide range of schools nationally. They gain entry either through the Common Entrance or Scholarship examinations and a large number of awards are earned each year.

In the longer-term we look to engender a sense of ‘what if’ and ‘why’, so that Mowden pupils can make an impact on the modern world we live in, rather than passively letting the world happen to them. In this sense, our children are prepared for the rest of their lives, to meet challenges head-on and to move through the modern world with genuine intelligence and modest confidence.

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